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Sunday, August 21, 2016

Bigg Boss All Seasons Guests

Bigg Boss Guests

Reality show Bigg Boss 10 is ready to come from this October. Bigg Boss is very famous for various reasons like Bigg Boss voice, controversial housemates, controversies during the show, host Salman Khan and also celebrity guests that appear in the house in various seasons.

Let us have a look at the celebrity guests who appeared in the various season of Bigg Boss.

Bigg Boss 1 Guests

The very first season of Bigg Boss which was telecasted on the Sony Television Channel had no guest in the entire season. Bigg Boss 1 had 15 contestants and show hosted by bollywood actor Arshad Warsi. 

Bigg Boss 2 Guests

Bigg Boss season 2 has several guests during the season while Bigg Boss season 1 had no guests. Bigg Boss 2 had guests like Abhishek Bachchan, Akhsay Kumar, Ravi Kishan, Sana Wadiwala and a Labrador dog, Kut.

Sana Wadiwala - Sana was the identical twin of the contestant Alina. Sana came to the house after Alina was evicted. Sana is given a chance to be a housemate if she was able to convince housemates that she is Alina for the whole day. But housemates recognized her that she is not Alina.

Abhishek Bachchan - Abhishek Bachchan came to Bigg Boss house to promote his movie Drona.

Akshay Kumar - Akshay Kumar came to the house for the promotion of movie Jumbo. Akshay declared the winner. 

Ravi Kishan - Ravi Kishan was participant of Bigg Boss season 1 and sent to house again for some time.

Bigg Boss 2 was telecasted on Colors TV Channel and had 15 housemates. Shilpa Shetty was the host for Bigg Boss 2.

Bigg Boss 3 Guests

Bigg Boss season 3 again had no guests as it had 15 contestants in the house. Bigg Boss 3 was the part of Colors Channel as second season. Amitabh Bachchan hosted the third season of Bigg Boss.

Bigg Boss 4 Guests

Bigg Boss 4 had 16 contestants and hosted by Salman Khan first time. Bigg Boss 4 had the guests like Pamela Anderson, Ali Merchant and Farah Khan.

Ali Merchant - Ali Merchant is a television actor and had worked in many famous television serials. Ali stayed in the house for 11 days and also married to the contestant Sara Khan during the show.

Pamela Anderson - Pamela Anderson is a famous hollywood actress and very famous world wide. She stayed in the house for 3 days.

Farah Khan - This choreographer turned director also came to the house as a guest.

Bigg Boss 5 Guests

Bigg Boss 5 had 18 contestants as it was the highest then previous seasons of Bigg Boss. Bigg Boss 5 had various famous international celebrities like Andrew Symonds, Yamamotoyama and Indian celebrity Swami Agnivesh.

Also Bigg Boss is very famous in Bollywood to promote their movies. Bigg Boss is very popular platform to promote the movies. Ranbeer Kapoor, Ranveer Singh and Mahesh Bhatt were the part of the show on various stages of the game to promote their movies.

Swami Agnivesh - This Indian politician and former MLA from Haryana became the Bigg Boss guest as hE stayed 3 days in the house.

Andrew Symonds - This famous Australian All Rounder was also a VIP guest in Bigg Boss 5. Symonds stayed almost a week in Bigg Boss 5.

Yamamotoyama -  This famous sumo wrestler from Japan also was the guest of Bigg Boss as he was part of Bigg Boss for 1 day.

Bigg Boss 5 combinely hosted by Salman Khan and Sanjay Dutt.

Bigg Boss 6 Guests

Bigg Boss 6 also hosted by Salman Khan and had 19 contestants in the house. Bigg Boss house always welcomes Bollywood celebrities to promote their movies. Jyoti Amge was the celebrity guest of Bigg Boss season 6.

Jyoti Amge - Jyoti is currently world's smallest living woman, according to Guiness World Records. Jyoti stayed in the house for 3 days in Bigg Boss 6.

Bigg Boss 10 Guests

Bigg Boss 10 guests list will be updated here as soon as we get the details it. Stay tuned with this website to get the latest updates about celebrities and guests who will associates to the Bigg Boss 10.



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