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Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Salman Dances Like a Monkey - Sapna Bhavnani

Sapna Bavnani Salman Khan and Controversy
Sapna Bhavnani, one of the Bigg Boss 6 contestants, and Salman Khan are back in the news again. Sapna slams Salman and told him a dancer who dance like a monkey in the stupid movies. Sapna just didn't stop at this, she also told Salman misuses the people. Sapna told that Salman Khan's stardom is too powerful that Bollywood does not have courage to speak the truth.  

Sapna was giving the interview on her new book Chapter One. While journalist asked her about Salman Khan and Bigg Boss, Sapna got angry and told many things about Salman. Sapna told that she was threatened of rape and death after Bigg Boss by Salman Khan's followers. I don't afraid of monkeys who dances in stupid movies, she added.   

Sapna told Bigg Boss a rubbish show. She also added that the host of the show insults contestants and people who worship him in the show just because to get roles in his stupid movies. Sapna was indirectly targetting Sana Khan and Santosh Shukla as they were also contestants of Bigg Boss 6.

Sapna also criticized Salman on his raped woman's statement. Sapna said that this kind of statements insults Indian men at international platforms. I feel ashamed as as Indian while such statements come in.

After too much criticism of Salman Khan and getting into controversy, Sapna later tweeted that interview was about my book and not about Salman. Salman has nothing to do with my book. The reporter using Salman Khan's name to sell the story. 

Salman Khan has not reacted on the things Sapna Bhavnani spoke in the interview.


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