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Sunday, January 15, 2017

Bigg Boss Season 10 Eviction, Nominations

Bigg Boss 10 Eviction Elimination

Bigg Boss 10 Eviction 

Bigg Boss 10, the latest Bigg Boss season, is now near to end. Bigg Boss 10 Finale is just away a weak or two which decide the Bigg Boss 10 Winner. Like previous Bigg Boss Seasons, Bigg Boss 10 is also has been full of drama, excitement and controversies. In the Bigg Boss house, nomination and elimination is a key part of the show. 

So here, we have given you the details of Bigg Boss 10 Nominations and Bigg Boss 10 Evictions week by week.

Bigg Boss 10 Week 1 Nominations and Eviction

On the very first week of Bigg Boss 10, Bigg Boss announced that 2 housemates from celebrities and 2 housemates from the commoners will be nominated. Bigg Boss called housemates into the confession room and asked for the nominations. 

At the end of the nomination process, Priyanka Jagga and Manu Punjabi from Indiawale and Gaurav Chopra and Monalisa from the celebrities got nominated.

Priyanka Jagga was the first elimination of the week 1 of Bigg Boss 10 having the less public votes. 

Bigg Boss 10 Week 2 Nominations and Eviction

In the second week of Bigg Boss 10, housemates were gathered in the garden area and being told to splash the foam plates on the face of the housemate to whom they want to nominate.

At the end of the nominations, Monalisa, Gaurav Chopra and Rohan Mehra from the celebrities while Manu Punjabi, Akanksha Sharma, Manveer Gurjar and  Nitibha Kaul from Indiawale got nominated.

Akanksha Sharma was eliminated from the house having less public votes.

Bigg Boss 10 Week 3 Nominations and Eviction

In the third week of Bigg Boss 10 housemates were asked to nominate two members from their own team. Bani, Lopamudra Raut and Monalisa from celebrities and Manveer Gurjar, Manu Punjabi, Nitibha Kaul and Swami Om from the commoners got nominated.

Swami Om eliminated from the Bigg Boss house in the third week and being kept in the secret room of Bigg Boss house for three days.

Bigg Boss 10 Week 4 Nominations and Eviction

In the fourth week, Bigg Boss nominations were quite different and interesting. Bigg Boss nominated the housemates with the interesting telephone task. Navin Prakash, Rahul, Rohan, Karan were nominated for the eviction.

Navin Prakash evicted from the house in the 4th week elemination as he got less public votes.



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